Let The Love Tear Us Apart


The way he writhes against her and nuzzles his cheek against hers…nope, it doesn’t add to my sexual frustration at all…


The way he writhes against her and nuzzles his cheek against hers…nope, it doesn’t add to my sexual frustration at all…

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And he said, you're paranoid at best.: Can we please discuss the clear fact






that whenever David Tennant takes a photo with another dude, it instantly looks like they’re secretly in a relationship? I mean…

  • Awkward first date
  • Better second one
  • A night after their third
  • Official engagement photos
  • “You may now kiss the groom.”
  • A tid bit angsty following their first fight as a married couple
  • They made up!
  • Clearly, he scored himself a Trophy Husband.


  • That Facebook picture he used to get his exes jealous. 
  • That weekend away with his husband but he found himself spending too much time with his husbands brother.
  • That one time he really wished he hadn’t drank that last one.

This is the best post on Tumblr. I’m crying.

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Daniel Radcliffe trolling on the set of Harry Potter (through the years)

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Pretty Kitty: What if Hufflepuff is actually the stoner house at Hogwarts


I mean,

  • Hufflepuff. HUFF le PUFF.
  • They’re mostly considered nice and peaceful.
  • They live right by the kitchen.
  • Their head of house teaches herbology.
  • “Badger” is exactly the kind of animal a stoner would come up with.
  • Slytherins obviously do cocaine.

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Matt: ‘Extreme’, you always use the word ‘extreme’.
Karen: That’s because it is extreme! This is a show of extremity!

Karen: I clapped myself.
Matt: Always! She always claps herself! Like if it’s the end of a block and they’re like “alright that’s a wrap for Amy” she goes WOOOOOOO. [claps]

Karen: I’m speaking in riddles today.
Matt: You always speak in riddles.

How long did it take the two of you to develop the chemistry you have on screen together?
: I think it’s always developing and always evolving and moving on.

Matt: Five o clock, egg and cress!
Karen: Oh! He has egg and cress every day!
Matt: You know the dance baby.

Matt: We’re great mates, though, that makes a difference doesn’t it?
Karen: Yeah, yeah it really helps because if we didn’t get on.. it would be pretty awful.
Matt: That would be bad.
Karen: Because I look at this face 24/7 pretty much.

Karen: This is my life. Every day. I see him in tweed.

Matt: So what happens is I go down to Karen’s house because we live really close and we learn our lines together and every day I’m there, I walk in and it’s just MTV on repeat, just music videos-
Karen: It’s on loop.
Matt: On loop and Karen is there watching and dancing. She’s a music video buff.

Matt: We’ll go to the supermarket every night, get a sandwich, and trot home to learn lines. Sometimes we’ll phone each other and say: ‘How’s it going? Really badly? Me too. Do you want to come over and practise?

Matt: I love Karen very much. I saw her last night actually. She cracks me up, that girl. She is brilliant and I’m very proud of her. We’ve come so far as a team and we’re grown as actors. We’ve shared something we will never forget. I’m sure it will be a common bond between us for a long time.

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